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Btw, I had no probs with shipping, it was surprisingly quick, but I don't care if they get it to me overnight if they are duds.If you are looking for long-life of your electronic cigarette so that you can enjoy more puffs than ordinary cigarettes, this product will be the best choice of yours. Would would think a company that is supposed to be growing like them would keep up their supply of the mainstays like menthol full strengh carts. I was hooked on the idea instantly but the disposable was a lot bigger.The only reason I paid extra for the overnight is because A. Ecig Advanced will never send you spam or share your e-mail address.The company has terrible skills in delivering SAVE 30% at V2.COM - Limited Sale On NOW their product.Naturally I think this must be a problem through the shipping company….it wasn't. The only thing I don\\\'t like is waiting for my refills to arrive. A couple months later, I received a large order of cartomizers.

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You will also be able to choose from 9 different flavors and 4 different nicotine levels so you can really customize your vaping to suit you. After doing some research, you have serious concerns about the Vuse, but it is right there at the store you go to every day, a no hassle purchase at your local gas station and cheap, too.Better yet, the flavors are excellent and the vapor is satisfying and consistent. If you look at the top-ten brands that ECCR considers to be the best e-cig products out there, they have proven performance metrics that we make available to you in our thorough e-cigarette reviews In all, you are much better off going with a proven performer. The internal microchip that regulates the battery is also a factor in extending battery life and creating consistent vapor.Cheap lithium does not lend itself to a smooth transfer of charged particles and the result is a very inconsistent battery life. The quality of the lithium is very important to the function of the battery. As for the common theme of battery problems, Vuse advises that the batteries do need replacing but they claim that it should only need replacement every six months.The battery is cheap but the carts sell for $3.00 each. That is a cause for concern although the people involved in the design of Vuse may be extremely capable, they are not experienced in the e-cig industry and frankly the jury is still out regarding their basic design. RJ Reynolds and other big tobacco companies had originally sought to crush the fledgling e-cig industry when it was still in its infancy.The Vuse Solo kit pictured here will retail for $10.00 to $12.00. The larger Vuse System starter kit comes with 1 battery, 3 cartridges, 2 chargers and a carry case will retail for about $30.00. Cartridges will come in packs of 2 and sell for $6.00. Within Reynolds itself, there seems to a lack of awareness toward the evolution of the industry. In some reports, Vuse claims to be the only e-cig with a sophisticated microprocessor that regulates battery function.It might be worth considering a rechargeable setup from another company that will allow you to experiment with lots of different flavors.

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